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Powerbanks are the emergency power on the go. The supply is great, and so is the difference in prices. Powerbanks are the latest trend!

For many smartphone, tablet or camera owners, they are often considered as life savers especially when there are no power stations available - on the way to work, on the plane or outdoors in nature. On average, users access their smartphone more than 200 times a day. And in the advertising industry, mobile batteries have become one of the most popular products in the course of digitization. But beware: cheap power banks can be a real danger. Explosions and fires are not excluded.

The problem: Market supply is confusing and crowded, mobile batteries are sometimes offered at bargain prices - there is a veritable battle between price and product quality. And as the market is flooded with cheap imports from Asia, it is not easy to navigate through the supply. So how does the consumer know which power bank he can trust?

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