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Production & Procurement


We offer a choice of two options for producing and procuring products: national or international production. We call the latter the ‘Vertical Way’. Which way is the right one in each case depends on the order volume, timing, price and quality requirements.

The Vertical Way is nothing less than the fundamental philosophy behind how we work – and is also behind our company’s name. For our customers, the Vertical Way means that we use our direct contacts in the production facilities to allow us to procure products more quickly, cheaply and reliably. We currently work together with over 500 manufacturers around the world. But in both cases, you can be sure that we ensure the highest quality standards at our production facilities.

You, the client, are closely involved in the production process. You approve the layout before our professional team creates the print files. Your collection does not enter production until you are one hundred per cent happy with the samples created. Would you like to have your products stored and distributed later? We will prepare you an impressive quote for this, too.


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