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In the management of promotional items or merchandise, reliability, competence, and quality are crucial. Verticas, as a full-service partner, adeptly handles even highly complex tasks in article distribution, relying on state-of-the-art e-shop systems. We are also specialists in warehousing inventories and support your strategic marketing activities with precise reporting.


The future is already a tradition for us: Since 1999, we have been developing high-quality and professional online shop systems. For the past 10 years, we have been very successful with ASP.NET technology and the open-source system NOP Commerce. It is one of the safest systems in this field and has only had one security patch since 2008. Our systems naturally comply with all requirements according to EU-GDPR.

Beispiel von TUI Blue einem Online-Shop System für unseren Full-Service Kunden
  • High-security standards (Microsoft ASP.NET technology), hosting in Germany (EU-GDPR)

  • Responsive design, multilingual, customized user management

  • Various currencies possible, including reward currencies

  • Various providers and warehouse locations

  • Voucher and discount tool

  • Real-time inventory tracking

  • User shop account with order history

  • Comprehensive interfaces (e.g., SAP, Salesforce, etc.)

  • Multilingual call center & helpdesk



  • Virtual marketplace for consolidating various providers, assortments, and warehouse locations

  • Risk minimization through disposition management and range planning

  • On-demand solutions with no inventory risk and capital commitment

  • Reporting suite with real-time data and analysis access at all times

  • Interface integration according to customer requirements (e.g., Salesforce and SAP/Ariba)

  • Campaign query via existing webshop system to determine production quantities

  • Takeover and processing of the complete invoicing process, including collection and billing services

  • Special promotions and distribution worldwide

  • Reward processing in own currency and management of reward accounts

  • Climate-neutral products, assortments, or the entire full-service

Atrikom ist unser zertifiziertes lager in Bodenheim & Ginsheim-Gustavsburg


Together is better! That's why we rely on strong warehouse and logistics partners like atrikom or arvato. Together, we have 3 warehouse locations in Germany. Through our network, we also offer warehouse locations in the USA and Asia.

At our main warehouse locations in Ginsheim-Gustavsburg and Bischofsheim, we have access to a net storage area of over 30,000 m² and more than 25,000 pallet spaces. All locations are well-connected with our shop and ERP system.

Mit unserer Reporting-Suite hat man die Kosten und das Controlling stets im Blick


Clarity with foresight. Gain complete clarity and absolute transparency over all figures, data, and facts. Goods flows, budget consumption, inventory values – all condensed into a reporting tool accessible worldwide 24/7. Make timely and informed decisions with quickly available data – whether it's for reorders or to reduce inventory risk through sales measures. All data is available for download for further processing as .xlsx files.


One of our core competencies lies in assembling unique promotion packages with extraordinary giveaways. These can be personalized for each recipient upon request, adding a touch of uniqueness to the mailing. The specially designed packaging of the promotional gift with the company logo provides a tactile experience for the customer even before opening the giveaway. Individuality doesn't always have to come with a high price tag. From our warehouse and logistics center with its own digital printing facility, we ensure a direct and seamless shipment to the recipient. Throughout this process, we keep sustainability and cost-optimized shipping in mind.

Mailingversand und ein Composing aus verschiedenen Werbeartiklen mit Privat Label (Beispiel BOMAG)


We offer a variety of complex interfaces (Ariba®, Salesforce®, SAML, API, and more). Whether it's a standard shop or a complex, custom full-service solution, we implement what you need. We meet requirements that go far beyond a 'normal' online shop, such as the complexity of modern marketplace systems or connecting various providers with different currencies and buyers at decentralized warehouse locations. A CI-compliant alignment of the shop is always guaranteed.

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