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Alles aus einer Hand - seit 1995! Willkommen in der vielfältigen Welt der Werbemittel und Merchandisingartikel! Verticas ist einer der führenden Full-Service-Dienstleister in Deutschland und macht mit Leidenschaft Markenauftritte greifbar!


Welcome to the diverse world of promotional and merchandising items! Verticas is one of the leading full-service providers in Germany, passionately bringing brand appearances to life!


We design your promotional items according to your corporate identity. Convincing results are achieved through competence, creativity, precision, and state-of-the-art technical equipment.


For the production and procurement of promotional items, we offer two possible paths: national or international production — the latter we refer to as the Vertical Path.


We confidently handle comprehensive and highly complex tasks in promotional item distribution, relying, among other things, on state-of-the-art online shop system solutions.

"Promotional items not only extend the customer lifecycle but also prolong the impact of brand relevance."

Source: GWW Emotionsstudie, 2022

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Aktuelle Newsbeiträge bei Verticas


 Here  you will find the latest news and topics from Verticas and the colorful world of promotional and merchandising items.


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