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Whether 'off the shelf' or individually designed and produced: we create the perfect collection for you! Depending on the desired quantity, deadlines, and level of customization, we offer various implementation options. Innovation, sustainability, and state-of-the-art techniques in materials and production processes play an equally important role, and are aligned with you, our customer. From the concept to the finished product, you are always closely involved in the process.


All around the world, worry-free. For the production and procurement of items, we offer two possible paths: European or international production – the latter we call the 'Vertical Path.' Order volume, timing, price, and quality requirements determine which path is the right one. The Vertical Path is nothing less than the fundamental philosophy of our approach – and at the same time, the namesake of our company. For our customers, the Vertical Path means that we utilize direct contact with manufacturing facilities to source products faster, more cost-effectively, and reliably. Currently, we work with over 500 manufacturers worldwide. In both cases, you can be sure that we ensure the highest quality at our production facility. As a client, you are closely involved in the production process: you approve the layout before our professional team creates the print files. Your collection only goes into production when you are a hundred percent satisfied with the produced sample. Do you want to store and (re)order your items? We also provide you with a compelling offer for that



More than just printing and embroidery. We give promotional items a well-deserved upgrade, ensuring even greater attention from the target audience! With our variety of print enhancements, we open up vast creative possibilities for strong designs and exciting effects. For years, we have been collaborating with more than 30 partners in Germany who specialize in printing, embroidery, and laser technology. Together, we discuss which technique is best suited for each individual project.


60 minutes around Verticas. The comprehensive network of specialists is located not far from the company headquarters, ensuring that short-term requests can be implemented quickly and effectively. Whether a specialist for embroidery, screen printing, laser engraving, pad printing, or print (offset & digital), we have the key partners in our vicinity.

Mann packt ein Päckchen an der Produktionsprozess


Depending on the time frame and budget for your production, we offer you the appropriate delivery method: whether by sea, train, air freight, or courier. Our import team collaborates closely with multiple logistics partners to find the right solution for you.

Furthermore, we provide the option to distribute an entire production directly to various locations. Whether within Europe or worldwide, our expert team manages the optimal distribution for your global locations.

Qualitätssicherung unserer Quality Controll bei AQF


No matter where in the world we produce, we uphold German thoroughness when it comes to quality: Each of our contract productions undergoes meticulous quality control – conducted on-site by an independent service provider.

Even for productions in the Far East, we ensure local quality checks before the goods embark on their journey. We accompany the production process from start to finish and, based on agreed criteria, entrust independent inspections to our partners such as Asia Quality Focus (AQF), SGS, or Intertek.

In addition, we conduct our own safety tests, relying on the expertise of German and internationally recognized laboratories.

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