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Updated: Feb 1

Under this motto, we launched our campaign in 2022, not only to position ourselves as a forward-thinking and sustainable promotional item service provider to our (new) customers but also as the core message in recruiting our next generation and thus the professionals of tomorrow.

The result, with five new apprentices in three professions, marks the strongest intake since 2003, and we take great pride in it. Young people have become more demanding, carefully considering whom they entrust their future to. A quick, superficial conversation was never Verticas' style and is no longer effective nowadays. Why choose us? We increasingly hear phrases like 'because they took the time to understand me' or 'because they were genuinely interested in me.' Furthermore, it has become crucial to tell the story of your company credibly and present it in a modern way. Websites, Instagram & Co. are gaining immense significance, as well as a professional application process with its dedicated platform.

In numerous conversations, we've observed that our young talent is generally highly motivated, eager to achieve and learn, but often overwhelmed by the sheer multitude of possibilities. To study or to pursue an apprenticeship? And if studying, which field? Full-time, part-time, or even integrated into training? Questions upon questions with little guidance.

Too many young people with a rather average high school diploma are coerced into pursuing a degree due to societal expectations. 'If you have a high school diploma, you must go to university' is a common sentiment from family, friends, and the social environment. Who dares to speak against it and opt for an apprenticeship?

Many only realize after the second or third semester that they are more practically inclined and find little sense in continual theoretical learning. We also notice an increasing number of young apprentices actively abandoning their studies and seeking a future in an apprenticeship. Especially with the knowledge and support from Verticas that it is possible to pursue part-time studies even after an apprenticeship and that a career can be no less successful.

For us, this means that we must mentor and advise our apprentices, and hopefully future employees, more comprehensively and intensively on their journey into the profession and during their initial years as young employees. This way, we can continue to build on our young talent even after a successful apprenticeship. Currently, more than 14 out of our 40-member team have successfully completed their apprenticeships at Verticas.

Our conviction remains: Investing in education pays off.

Even though it entails a lot of work for us, young people like our five newcomers deserve to be well-trained.

Author: Steffen Weigand, Verticas GmbH

Image: Verticas GmbH (Front, from left to right: Felix Göbel (Media Design), Nicole Windermut, Anabell Reissmann, Anabel Hus (Marketing Communication), Selin Korkmaczan (Wholesale and Foreign Trade Management) / Back, from left to right: Steffen Weigand (Managing Director), Thalina Schmittel (Head of Training), Klaus Ritzer (Managing Director))


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