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Wiesbaden, September 2023

The fall's trade show highlight - GWW Trend in the heart of Wiesbaden.

GWW-TREND is the emerging trade fair of the association that gains popularity and relevance year after year. For many, it is the ultimate trade fair for industry professionals, offering everything exhibitors and participants expect from a B2B event.

Our visit to GWW-TREND was truly remarkable! We had the opportunity to discover numerous innovative products that piqued our interest. From groundbreaking technologies to creative solutions, there was something for every taste.

We particularly noticed the emphasis on sustainable materials and eco-friendly solutions. It was refreshing to see that sustainability was a central theme at the fair. Many exhibitors showcased products and technologies that have a positive impact on the environment. This once again highlighted how crucial sustainability is in today's world.

Furthermore, we engaged in many pleasant conversations. We had the opportunity to exchange ideas with industry experts and benefit from their knowledge. These discussions were not only informative but also extremely inspiring.

Overall, our visit to GWW-TREND was a success, where we not only discovered new products but also established valuable connections and expanded our knowledge. We are excited and look forward to more visits in the future.


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