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An unforgettable afternoon & evening at the 'Dinner unter Freunden' (Dinner among Friends), this year's Verticas summer festival - a summery atmosphere, good food, and a warm community. 🌞🍔

Our team gathered not only to enjoy the warm temperatures but also to celebrate special occasions. We proudly honored longstanding team members who have shaped our company with their dedication and expertise.

The festival was not just a moment of joy for us but also an opportunity to do good. Through an exciting raffle, we were able to raise funds for an important charity, particularly close to our CEO Steffen Weigand's heart. We are pleased to donate 700 € to the local non-profit organization Startblock e.V. Your generous support has made a significant contribution - thank you!

The bright eyes of the youngest members of our team were a true testament to the success of the inflatable bouncy castle. Celebrating together also means involving family members and sharing the joy.

Of course, we didn't compromise on culinary delights. The variety of delicious dishes delighted the taste buds and rounded off the evening. Thanks to everyone who contributed a salad, dessert, or showcased their grilling skills.

This summer festival once again showed us how strong our community is and how valuable it is to go beyond the professional framework. A heartfelt thank you to everyone who made this unforgettable evening possible. The positive memories will accompany us for a long time and inspire us in our future collaboration. We look forward to upcoming events and sharing more remarkable moments together.

Stay tuned for more exciting insights and stories from our team!


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