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The inauguration of the new and innovative logistics building by atrikom fulfillment - Sustainability and Efficiency in Bodenheim! 👏 💡 Much more modern in logistics at the moment! On Saturday, it finally happened. The new warehouse location of our longtime partner #atrikom was inaugurated in Bodenheim with a magnificent celebration, and Verticas was exclusively invited to explore the latest masterpiece in the world of logistics.

#Sustainability in implementation was extremely important to all involved and was perfectly executed. For the demands of Verticas and our customers in the field of sustainable #promotionalitems #logistics, it is the perfect answer in our changing times. In the future, Bodenheim will accommodate 22,000 pallets and 10,000 picking compartments, with some of them being occupied by #Verticas.

If you want to learn more about this, simply reach out here or send an email to

atrikom fulfillment

For further information and the official press release from atrikom fulfillment, please visit the link


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