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A success story – even in times of crisis: We have been one of the leading promotional products service providers in Germany for 25 years now. Although the two people responsible, Klaus Ritzer (founder) and Steffen Weigand, have been running the promotional products business for a long time, it wasn't until 2003 that they came together.

The recipe for success right from the start: direct import, design, tailor-made advice and modern IT solutions. A system that is as convincing today as it was back then and has become increasingly digital over the years. Anyone who works with Verticas meets people who, in addition to creativity and decades of import experience, also have invaluable know-how in the area of digitalization and automation . We like to call this promotional products service 4.0 , based on the evolution of industrial development. Really good design, comprehensive knowledge of production from China to Europe and import competence make a modern, digital and automated full service 4.0 complete. This Verticas “DNA”, which has been built up, refined and professionalized over the last 25 years , in conjunction with the digitalization of the working world in our industry, no longer creates a single product, but rather complex solutions and services .

“Individuality is what sets us apart from others, what makes us unique and ensures that other people recognize us.” (Verticas GmbH)


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